Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We'll see you there!


Anonymous said...

Captions for each photo:

1st pic:

Bill: "Daisy, I know we're kinda sorta related and everything but if you make me spend two more seconds with that scumbag murderer boyfriend of yours, I'm gonna have to hurt somebody."

2nd pic:

Dinah: "Look kid I know things are rough, stuck out here freezing your balls off in Hooterville but don't take it out on me."

3rd pic:

Alan: "Son, you don't get it, I'm a psychotic murderer who gets away with everything because I'm rich. You can't just fall in love with the ex-daughter in law that I treat like dirt and get away with it."

4th pic:

Marina: "Yes I am keenly aware that I just married the most boring dork I've ever met who's practically older than you are and that we're so desperate to never be alone together because our relationship is such a pathetic sham that we tried to force Daisy to live with us and now we're gonna impulsively try to adopt a baby to keep us busy and distracted from how creepy we are. OMG, what have I done?!"

5th pic:

Josh: "Yes, my ex-wife was aware that Mr. O'Neill had raped her sister and my ex-wife Olivia before she married him and got pregnant by him, but she had no idea that he would look quite that dorky in a santa hat. What can I say, Reva's always been a little shallow."

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