Monday, December 08, 2008


Marisa Tomei was born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn on Dec. 4, 1964.

Her father, Gary Tomei, was a trial lawyer and her mother, Patricia, an English teacher. She has a brother, Adam. When she and her brother were youngsters the family moved to Manhattan.... She attended and graduated from Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn.

During her junior high school days, Marisa studied acting and dancing. During summer vacation, she was in plays at the Golden Bridge Colony in upstate New York. She attended Boston University for one year, during which she had a six-week career as a waitress at Tony Roma’s. Her father wanted her to return to college but she preferred furthering her career as an actress.

Marisa launched a Hollywood career. Being from Brooklyn, she fit very well into a small role in the film “The Flamingo Kid” (1984), a coming-of-age story, the setting of which is in Brooklyn, mostly in a beach club. TV also beckoned and she had a role in the soap opera “As The World Turns.”

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