Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas from As The World Turns!


schiffeg68 said...

YAY. Eliza is HOME. Now we need to bring her father home to her and Meg.

TapDancer said...

Ugh. Hasn't this show gotten a clue yet? Everytime that Meg's spawn is shown it is another insult to the Will & Gwen fans! Infertile Meg's child should be dead just like all of infertile Gwen's children! The only way for the show to remedy the situation is for Barbara to announce the Gwen has given birth to Will's child. If this simple little statement can't be made that will only take 1-2 seconds, then Meg's baby better die! If Gwen can't have her own child, then neither should Meg.

aprioriguy said...

Wow, I'm not a fan of PEG and I'm especially not a fan of Paul, but demanding that their baby die is really twisted. Maybe Paul's craziness is contagious.

ATWT Fan said...

I agree with TapDancer. It is downright insulting that the Will & Gwen fans continue to this day to be kicked in the teeth. There is no way in hell that Meg & Paul should get a child while Gwen & Will have to do without.

For the record, the Sofie spawn doesn't count as that is not the baby the true and real Will & Gwen wanted for their couple. The favoritism shown to Meg, Paul, and their fans is beyond disgusting. Time for Peg and their fans to know how it feels for the rug to be pulled out from under them. I agree the perfect way to start is for them to have the same rug that was pulled out from under the Willen fans, which is for the Peg kid to die.

Either Gwen & Will get a biological baby girl (preferably named in honor of Hal) or Paul & Meg baby needs to die! This the only way the show can make it right for the real and true Willen fans.

Angelica said...

It is infuriating that Meg got the story that should have been Gwen's story. Meg being in her 40's should have been the one whose infertilty was thrown back in her face by fertilty doctors. Then she should have been forced to adopt Sofie's disgusting kid. Gwen is the one that should have been given the difficult pregnancy story as it would have made more sense since Gwen was young. It was ridiculous that the show had Gwen going to fertilty doctors at her age. 40 something Meg should have been the one at the fertilty doctor.

Sorry ATWT but you got it wrong! Time for the show to correct its mistake. You can start by stating that Sofie's ugly kid is no longer with Will & Gwen since it should have NEVER be existed muchless been born in the first place! Then you can either give Will & Gwen the baby that they deserve, which is any kid that isn't associated to nasty Sofie or do away with Meg's kid. Either both infertile characters get a biological baby or neither one does!

LovingLight said...

Thank a lot Aprioriguy !

I'm so tired of this crazy bashing. (Will&Gwen don't have their baby so nobody'll have one never ...)
I understand their disappointement but not all their hatred of the other characters & the other fans.

So thank you PGP Classic Soaps for the pictures of the cute little Eliza.

Angelica said...

No it is not that any other character shouldn't have a baby just infertile Meg. Meg just like Gwen was declared infertile on this show. In fact, Meg has been infertile for over 20 something years. For the show to make Gwen pregnant, then for them to kill off her precious baby just to throw it back in her face that she is infertile is downright cruel & mean. If Gwen's infertility was kept intact, then so should Meg's. For Meg to get a baby when Gwen did not is dicrimination on the show's part. Why should infertile Meg get a baby while Gwen did not? Either both women get a baby or neither one does. It is simple as that.

schiffeg68 said...

The history is (and I was watching back then) that Meg was told that due to complications from a previous miscarriage, it would be extremely difficult (NOT impossible) for her to conceive a baby.

I hope that the PGP Blog will research this and post the details of that storyline (it was from the early 90's) so that this issue can finally be put to rest. :)

Angelica said...
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Angelica said...
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Angelica said...

The issue will not be put to rest until either Gwen gets her own biological baby or Meg's baby dies! Then after Meg's baby dies, Meg can adopt some loser's kid that is second rate! Time for the Peg fans to quit all their gloating and for them to know how it feels to be crapped on by this show!

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