Wednesday, December 17, 2008


In 1969, actor Peter Simon made his daytime debut on Search for Tomorrow in the role of Scott Phillips, illegitimate son of Doug Martin, husband of Jo's sister, Eunice.

In 1971, actress Courtney Sherman joined the show to play the role of lawyer and private investigator Kathy Parker.

On the air, Scott left his wife, Laurie, to wed Kathy. Kathy, who considered herself a liberated career woman, was so against the idea of having children that she aborted her and Scott's baby. Scott later talked Kathy into their adopting Laurie's son, Eric (below). This did not help their already shaky marriage.

In 1973, Scott had an affair with Jennifer Pace (played for four years by Morgan Fairchild). Jennifer killed Scott's father, Doug, and went to prison, where she discovered she was pregnant with Scott's child. When Kathy learned about the baby, she left Scott, who developed a drinking problem.

Off-screen, however, things were going much better for the actors for portrayed Scott and Kathy. Simon and Sherman married in 1975.

Simon left SFT in 1977 and Sherman followed suit in 1978. She would return to her role in 1983. Simon, in the meantime, went on to play Ian on As The World Turns. Ian was a famous conductor and composer who couldn't stand the idea of his estranged wife, ballerina Dana McFarland, falling for Bob Hughes. Ian claimed that Dana was his muse, that he couldn't work without her. He composed a new ballet in which Dana was to dance the lead. Having agreed to wed Bob, Dana turned the opportunity down, but a selfless Bob urged her to accept. In the meantime, Ian found himself falling for Dee Stewart. John Dixon, who wanted Dee for himself, warned Dee not to sleep with Ian, as he had a bad heart. Dee ignored John's advice and went ahead and consummated her relationship with Ian. Who promptly died. (See, boys and girls, even villains tell the truth sometimes.)

In 1981, Simon moved on to playing Ed Bauer on Guiding Light. He played the role until 1984, when he was recast with Richard Van Vleet in an attempt to make the character seem younger and more virile. The wildly popular Simon returned in 1986 and played the part for 10 more years, leaving in 1996. He came back for another two years from 2002 to 2004.

Sherman, in between acting roles on GL, AMC and AW, also began writing scripts for SFT in 1982. She contributed to Santa Barbara, Loving, General Hospital, Another World, GL and AMC. She is currently the script editor for ATWT, where she also periodically appears on-camera as Dr. Michaels.

To watch the show where the couple's long term relationship with PGP began, tune into Search for Tomorrow on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel, here!


Jonathan said...

To me she will always be DA June Reiner on Another World...

Smelly Kelly Jay said...

Interesting article. I started watching SFT when I was kid, after the Sentells arrived, so I missed this stuff. I wish I could see some of Morgan Fairchild's run as Jennifer. Didn't she also kill Jo's sister, Eunice? I read that her character walked through a plate glass window and got all messed up.

Who is the dark-haired cutie on the middle right of the cast photo (the third one) in the article? I think he's standing next to Morgan Fairchild. I've seen him in another group shot and have never been able to find out the actor's or character's name.

Shoot. Who is the handsome gent standing in front of him and touching Stu on the arm? Who is the pretty, young, straight-haired girl behind Jo and beside Stephanie?

Man, those are some big bow ties on the men.

mitch said...

Rick Lohman who played Liza's bother Gary Walton is the dark -haired cutie.:)

jimmo said...

That's actually John Cunningham (not Rick Lohman) touching Larry Haines' arm in that 25th anniversary photo of the "Search For Tomorrow' cast.

Cunningham played "Dr. Wade Collins," second (or third?) husband of "Janet Bergman Walton Collins," (the daughter of "Stu Bergman" and mother of "Liza Walton Kaslo Sentell").