Saturday, August 03, 2019



“A moving saga of three generations of women determined to triumph over the forces of history no matter the cost  Spanning continents as well as decades, The Nesting Dolls is memorable story of courage that is both inspiring and bittersweet.”

—David R. Gillham, New York Times bestselling author of City of Women and Annelies

Monday, July 15, 2019

COMING JULY 2020....

My first blurb for my new book!

"The Nesting Dolls is a vividly rendered, sweeping historical novel. Alina Adams deftly portrays three generations of women, beautifully weaving their coming of age stories about love, sacrifice, family, and ultimately survival. I absolutely devoured this compulsively readable gem of a novel.” — Jillian Cantor, USA Today bestselling author of The Lost Letter and In Another Time

Saturday, July 13, 2019

How To Apply Your Kids To School In NYC: The Soap Opera

I didn’t always write about education.

Once upon a time, I wrote books - romances, mysteries, non-fiction. I
also worked in soap operas - ABC Daytime, Procter & Gamble
Productions, the Daytime Emmy Awards.

But then I had children. And I applied those children to schools in New York
City. And I found out how difficult it was. And I decided to help other parents,
this time by writing books about getting into NYC Kindergarten and NYC High School.

But I still loved the soaps. Because I always have to find out: What
happens next?

Little did I know that educational consulting would provide the same
level of suspense. 

I can meet with families and we can come up with a list of public, charter,
dual language, gifted & talented, zoned, unzoned, parochial and independent
schools for them to apply to. I can provide an online calculator to help them
figure out the best date for their children to take the Gifted &Talented, Hunter,
and private school tests. Together, we wait to find out where they get placed
for General Education Kindergarten, for their G&T/Hunter score, for the lottery
that will decide their child’s future.

And then the wait-lists! Talk about daytime drama! It can go on for months!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Everything Wrong With Hayley's Story on Days Of Our Lives

It's been a long time since I posted. Most of my soap writing is now happening on SoapHub, plus I'm working on a new novel set for a tentative Summer 2020 release.

But I'm still keeping up with the soaps!

On Days Of Our Lives, I'm really liking Thia Megia as Hayley. She has a sweet presence and the potential to be a leading heroine in Salem who isn't related to every guy on the canvas - and brings a little diversity, to boot.

Which is why the horrible story she's been saddled with really bugs me. Read all about it, here!

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Kindergarten Connect is scheduled to close this Friday, January 12, 2018.

New York City offers multiple traditional, and a smaller number of progressive, public elementary schools.

For parents still trying to figure out which approach might work best for their child, here is everything you need to know to make your best decision!

The Benefits of a Traditional Education:

The Benefits of a Progressive Education:

Traditional Or Progressive? Two Creative Moms Explain How They Picked the Right School For Their Kids:

The Mom Who Turned Down G&T For a Progressive General Ed:

Good luck, everyone!

Monday, October 02, 2017


A year after her death, I review Agnes Nixon's autobiography, My Life To Live for SoahHub:

One Life to Live (OLTL) and All My Children (AMC) creator Agnes Nixon completed the manuscript of her autobiography, My Life To Live, only a few days before she died in her sleep on September 28, 2016.
A year later, her book is available for soap opera fans and television historians alike.
In the Beginning
The first half of Nixon’s book is devoted to her childhood, her admiration of her hard-working, single mother, also named Agnes, life with her beloved Grandma Kate (sound familiar?), and her difficult relationship with her distant, demanding, and controlling father.
She based Pine Valley’s Palmer Cortlandt on him (though without the Dobermans). That should tell you everything you need to know about him.
Read the entire review, here.
And for more from Agnes and about Agnes, keep reading....
Originally published January 7, 2017

It was a big weekend for All My Children and One Life to Live fans!

The shows' original creator, Agnes Nixon, released a statement on Facebook about her babies continuing on with Prospect Park, and Emmy-winner Debbi Morgan revealed on Twitter that she'd signed on to play Angie again... as had her leading man, Darnell Williams (Jesse).  (For those interested in this sort of thing, it is fascinating that public figures are choosing social, rather than traditional, media these days for their breaking news.  Presumably they prefer to control the story instead of leaving it in someone else's hands.)

In light of this great news, I thought I'd repost a blog from 2011, wherein onetime OLTL Headwriter Michael Malone shared what he learned from Agnes about writing a compelling soap opera.


Originally published 10/24/11


As the clock ticks down to One Life to Live's last airdate on ABC, and Prospect Park, the company scheduled to take both it and sister show, All My Children, on-line continues to be skimpy on the details: Will it be daily? Weekly? Will it be ad supported? Subscription-based? Will it be an hour? A half hour? Will it be all video? Will it be multimedia? Who is in the cast? Who is writing?

I thought now would be a good time to share the advice AMC and OLTL's creator, Agnes Nixon, gave to Michael Malone prior to his first daytime assignment.

Malone recalls, "When I first joined One Life as Headwriter, Agnes Nixon invited me to her home for dinner. That evening she graciously asked me about my novels. I didn’t want to talk about them. Here was one of the most gifted creators of a great American genre right across the table. I wanted advice on how best to write serial for television. Her metaphors were a master class in how narrative must move when story is open-ended, now in the case of her One Life to Live, for more than forty years. She said, “Keep turning the diamond to the light. There’s a lot to see.” She said, “It’s a big ship. If you want to change directions, start way ahead.” She said, “Don’t let all the waves break at once. One wave crests; there’s another behind it, then another.”

Read more from Michael Malone and dozens of other soap opera writers, actors and producers about what made - and still makes - the medium great in Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments. (Direct link at: