Sunday, July 30, 2017


NYC school waiting lists began moving right after public school General Ed Kindergarten placements were announced in March, and parents decided whether to accept or pass.

They really picked up speed in June once Gifted & Talented seats were assigned, and the musical chairs of G&T, General Ed, charter and private schools began in earnest.

August tends to be a slow month, though September brings a new, brief, final shift when people who'd registered for a given school simply don't show up.

But for parents who don't want to wait until the fall, there is another option: Religious schools.

Many offer rolling admissions and tend to have spaces even in late summer (for Kindergarten and higher grades, too). They also can be much cheaper than other private schools.

How do they manage to do that while still providing a quality education? Find out below;

Then learn how to apply to Catholic, Jewish, Christian and Muslim schools from Pre-K through High-School, as well as what they have to offer that secular schools don't, here:

Read more in Getting Into NYC Kindergarten and Getting Into NYC High-School at the links.

Monday, July 24, 2017


With two-thirds of NYC kids who qualify for Citywide Gifted & Talented programs not getting seats due to a lack of space, many parents opt for Dual Language to give their children more of a challenge.

NYC has changed the application process to Dual Language Kindergarten programs several times.

Find out how to maximize your odds of getting into the language option of your choice, here:

And hear from parents who got together to start a Dual Language program of their own - and how you can, too - below:

Monday, July 10, 2017


Getting Into NYC High-School: This Time It's Personal!

When I wrote Getting Into NYC High-School last fall, my oldest son was already a HS junior, so the book was a combination of research, personal experience, and input from other students and parents who'd recently been through the process.

This year, as I prepare to update the book for 2018 admissions, my middle child is embarking on the process.

Yesterday, he took his first practice SHSAT test. And while he accepted the math questions he got wrong with grace, boy, did he fight me on every single reading comprehension question, insisting that his answer was just as valid as what the sample test said was right.

So, parents who buy my book for help with 2018 admissions, know that none of this is theoretical. This year, I'm right there with you!

And I want to help, because I know just how overwhelming this application season is.

To that end, please click on my video about all of your NYC high-school options, including Specialized, Screened, Arts, Limited Unscreened, P-Tech, Zoned and more, below:

Then listen to this podcast about SHSAT prep:

And check out my blog post about why I think attending a Specialized High-School was good for my son (and it's not the reason the Department of Education wants you to think)!