Monday, December 15, 2008


Jack and Janet's wedding album.

The new Mr. & Mrs:

And the new stepsisters (who are already cousins; don't think about it too hard).

Where does the blended Snyder family go from here?

Tune into As The World Turns this week to find out!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting the beautiful wedding pics!

I look forward to seeing what married life is like for Jacket!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple they make!

dharmabum said...

GAWD, that makes me want to HURL!

Somebody save Jack from storyline hades. I don't even recognize my favorite character anymore. He's a broken, pathetic man who has given up on true love and marries a woman for her cooking, for cripesake.

Unknown said...

I was browsing this blog, and ::sigh:: I came upon these photos again. I adore Jack and Janet, and their wedding will always be one of my favorite memories of ATWT.

Thanks for the beautiful photos!

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