Thursday, December 18, 2008


Several viewers below requested a photo preview of As The World Turns' Luke and Noah exchanging Christmas gifts.

Your wish is our command!

Plus, a fun, bonus outtake of Van Hansis (Luke) and Jake Silbermann (Noah) goofing around on the set.

To watch Oakdale's Christmas in its entirety, tune into ATWT next week!


Mark said...

Thanks PGP Blog!

HMGFirestar said...

Thank you! Happy holidays!

atwtfan23 said...
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atwtfan23 said...

Thank You for the Luke and Noah photos! Happy Holidays! Is there any New Maddie Christmas photos or any new Maddie photos. I would love to see some if that is possible Thanks - I love your blog!

Oakdalian said...

Why are they exchanging gifts out in public and not amongst the Snyders? I'm guessing that we'll hear excuses why the Hughes family's elders can't be around, as with Thanksgiving.

RakeshR said...

Thanks for these! Do you think we can get some Christmas pics of GL? Thanks in advance. Enjoy the holidays! :)

aprioriguy said...

Thanks for the Luke & Noah photos!

These photos at least give us fans some hope that our favorite couple will be together soon.

I also like the "goofing off" photo. I wish that the ATWT writers would allow Luke and Noah more lighthearted moments in their storylines. Van and Jake have such great chemistry and they have great personalities, It seems like such a waste to always have Luke & Noah at odds with each other.

Cammtl said...

I agree. I wish they have more fun times. Luke and Noah together forever.

Doop said...

Is there a clip of the outtake?

Ron said...

I would like to thank you for showing Luke and Noah's Christmas
Can you post a picture of Luke and Noah dancing at Metro's New Years Party.

Thannyr said...

Yes, please, please, please! I'd (and many other fans of Luke and Noah) would love to see a pic or two of Noah and Luke at Metro!

*on knees begging*

Thanks so much! :-)

2A said...

Thank you so much for posting. :-)

I would love any future spoiler pics of Luke and Noah as well.

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