Friday, December 26, 2008


Superbowl Champion Mark Schlereth steps back into the Light as Roc Hoover on Tuesday, January 6.

Roc pops up to help Jeffrey out with a secret mission -- that doesn't exactly turn out like either of them planned.

Tune into Guiding Light in 2009 to check it out.

And for more on Mark, click here!


SuperSage said...

Oh, joy. St. Jeffrey every day isn't bad enough. Let's add Roc "PornMovieStar" Hoover to the mix.

Anonymous said...

Unless Rock Hoover is coming to town to kill off Slimy McRapist, I couldn't care less! Can we have some actual STORIES please, not these lame-ass stunt castings and pathetic product placements?!

Rebekah said...

Could we have some spoiler pictures for GL New Years?

Unknown said...

More Reva and Jeffrey alone time, please! Best couple ever!

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