Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The PGP Classic Soaps Blog has a strict policy against taking sides in any viewer disagreements. All fans have a right to their opinion, and we appreciate their passion for our shows and the soap opera genre in general.

However, anyone who can call an infant -- even a fictional one -- "disgusting," "spawn," "ugly," "second rate," and fervently hope for it to die, deserves the ultimate punishment to fit their heinous crimes:

Being forced to look at said babies until their ultimate, fundamental, coochie-coochie-coo cuteness brings about world peace and goodwill toward all men and women -- and tots.

So in the spirit of the season, behold: Hallie Munson and Eliza Ryan!

More where those came from, only on As The World Turns!


schiffeg68 said...

Sweethearts. Thanks for the pics.

LovingLight said...

Thanks for theses very cute pictures !
I always love children's pics.
Let's hope every fans'll be happy and will have a happy new year.

freepaul said...

where is a photo of emily with her baby girl? oh, right- meggit killed her.
why should meggit get a spawn when she took emily's little girl away from her?
More biased crap from pgp.

ATWT Fan said...

Sorry but the Will & Gwen fans will not be happy until Gwen delivers Will's child. For the record, the spawn in the picture is NOT nor will it ever be Hallie! Hal's namesake should be his own flesh & blood not the product of two low life losers.

Anonymous said...

Emily's inability to be a proper mother is what killed her baby, not Meg. And by the looks of it, someone should have stopped your mother from spawning you.

Meringue said...

Freepaul is correct...this blog is biased. This blog along with the show just loves to insult the Will & Gwen and Emily & Paul fans. It is not fair that Emily and Gwen's children were killed off while the spawns of Meg and Sophie were allowed to live. Sophie should have been killed off when she pregant with her first spawn since the show killed off while pregnant anyway.

realwillenfan said...

Whoever runs this blog and wrote this column Attacking the fans is not only Unprofessional and should be fired from her position, but also deliberately wrote this article just to stick it to certain fanbases who don't agree with her very biased opinion! If you can't handle negative viewer feedback, then maybe you should start applying for a new job, like say Peg fan ass kisser! Oh wait, that already is your job now isn't it? I am so happy that Peg are getting divorced soon and that Meg will be marrying Dusty! It serves you and the other Peg fans right to have to watch Dusty raising the Peg SPAWN!!! But hey, at least you got a kid right? Even if it means your couple is dead and over!

And seriously, how dare anyone judge fans opinions about a fictional character even if it's a baby! How come it's ok to wish adult characters dead but not baby characters? They are all just fictional characters. Is this really such a difficult concept for judgemental people to understand? There is no Hallie or Eliza! They aren't real! So if certain fans don't want these characters to exist then guess what? That is their perogative isn't it? They are entitled to their opinions too aren't they? I think it's bad enough that other fans are bashing REAL people over their opinions about a soap opera, but now we have the person who runs the blog attacking us and "punishing" us too! That's real sweet of you, but you don't need to punish us anymore because the show that you work for has already punished us enough by killing off the baby Characters that we wanted to live in favor of two baby Characters that shouldn't have ever existed! We were already punished, so you don't need to continue to rub it in. But maybe you enjoy hurting real people, because god knows the rights of fictional babies are far more important than real human beings!

But congrats to you on helping ATWT continue to punish us mean, horrible fans! You are such a Nice person to deliberately Attack fans who don't agree with your sacred, holier than thou opinion of babies that don't really exist in real life! Or maybe you just can't grasp the concept of fictional, you know that they don't really exist? Oh well, go see a shrink then to figure out your fictional baby issues and stop taking it out on fans AKA Real people!

And Maybe you should spend more time listening to what the fans want instead of thinking of new ways to "punish" them. Maybe then your blog might be interesting and less biased. But I guess you like kicking people when they're down. Perhaps this is why both the blog and ATWT itself sucks. Because neither the people who run the blog or the show give a damn about what the fans want. They just piss on them and punish them for fun I guess. Maybe that's why most fans are unhappy with ATWT and it's nearing cancellation? When it does get cancelled, I guess that will be the fans who you so happily trashed punishment to you! We'll see how you like being punished with no show or blog left to use to screw the fans over anymore! Most fans are unhappy right now, but who cares about the fans opinions? Not you, not Goutman! We don't matter. We just deserve to be punished and taught a lesson right? You will Never force fans to feel the way you do so stop trying! One day when there are no fans left watching we'll see who gets the ultimate punishment!

Scarlett Echo said...

In the words of Charlie Brown, "Good grief!"



Check the meaning of spawn, remember this is fiction and over-reaction to said fiction is a little...loony.

Showing such bias in this blog and favoring only a few characters and their few fans is NOT good for ATWT, PGP's beloved product for decades.

Spread the love, promote the show and shelve the judgment of the people who have supported ATWT and PGP all their lives.

Biting the hands that feed you is true folly.

P.S. I've never encountered anyone mocking the young, helpless, baby actresses on ATWT. Ever.

freepaul said...

Keldon, are you insane? Attacking a real person because they dare to bash a FICTIONAL character? I hope next time you are pg, someone lock you up in a cold, filthy barn, kill your baby and then have sex on the baby’s grave.

Alina, where was this blog when the meggit fans bashed Emily’s baby and had a campaign to have her killed? Or when they sent hate mail to Kelley for daring to have more chemistry with Roger? Are you on Marie’s payroll list to give her so much free publicity and bash other fanbases to defend her?

Sharing Cherie said...
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Sharing Cherie said...

for those of you who would criticize these babies you're just cruel.
meg didn't kill emily's daughter. even though peg is broken up, it's obvious that they are the story, like it or not. they didn't just have a baby for nothing. so. deal. with. it. and just b/c a child isn't biological doesn't mean it's any less loved or wanted. i'm glad will loves hallie and has named her after his father. i didn't know some of you were so juvenile.

ATWTGHAMCFan said...

The author of this blog definitely needs to be reprimanded for bashing viewers of the show. When your shows are struggling, the last thing one needs to do is run off your viewers by bashing them.

Apparently the author of this blog is new to soaps. Soap fans are passionate about their favorite shows, characters, and/or couples. As viewers of shows, we have the right to say when something does not go our way. I have seen much worst said about soap characters both adult and babies from fans of other shows. I have even seen people change their screen names to reflect the characters some of which are babies that they wanted to die. In none of the above circumstances, did I ever see one person say anything about the people, who wished death to the characters including the babies.

I can really sympathize with the viewers, who didn’t have things go their way as it has happened to me with some of my favorite couples on various shows over the years. It is definitely upsetting when your favorite couple is having a baby that you have wanted for them. Then for the show to turn around and kill it off for no reason and without any warning is very upsetting. When the same show then turns around and gives a couple what your couple were deprived, it makes fans very bitter. This is something that a lot of fans can’t get over easily if ever.

I definitely do feel for the Emily and Gwen fans. It was very upsetting to see these two lose their babies. IMO, there was no reason that these two should have lost their children especially Gwen. After all the death in Munson family, it was despicable that the show made Gwen pregnant only to turn around and kill off the Munson baby. I really thought it was very cruel and unnecessary after the deaths of Hal and Jennifer. In addition, Gwen had already lost Billy. All I can ask is why give hope to the Munson family for no reason?

If I was a die hard Gwen and Will fan, I would have been outraged watching them adopt Sofie’s child. Sofie was a useless character, who was not needed at all. Gwen was pregnant, so there was no need at all for this character or her child. If I had to watch this same story unfold with one of my fav soap couples, I would be furious too. I would not want to watch some newbie going through a pregnancy when it should have been my favorite character. I think that I would also despise the child they adopted because this child was created just so my character’s baby would be killed off. Again this was so uncalled for and unnecessary.

As long as viewers are upset, unhappy, bitter, or feel cheated by soaps, they will continue to let it be known. As viewers, they have the right. It gives them hope that things will one day go their way and their favs will get what they want for them. I hope that the unhappy bloggers here continue to let ATWT know how they feel.

CakeBaker said...

Thank you for the cute pictures. And a big hug for acknowledging the baby's name 'Eliza Ryan'.

Jackie said...

where their ever names released on the babies who played Hallie

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