Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In this photo, Search for Tomorrow's Jo (Mary Stuart) is marrying husband #4, Tony Vincente (Anthony George). He was her doctor after Jo was blinded in a car accident.

Jo's third husband, Sam, had fallen off a riverboat in Africa and was declared dead. Jo channeled her grief by working alongside Dr. Vincente at a center for troubled youth. The pair fell in love, despite Tony being married to Marcy.

When Tony learned that Marcy had been faking her paralysis, he divorced her and became engaged to Jo. But, wouldn't you know it? Sam returned from Africa, alive, though not well. He was suffering from a jungle malady that was driving him insane. Loyal Jo reunited with her husband, only to have the unstable man take her hostage. Jo ended up standing trial for his murder, before finally wedding Tony in 1972.

That's Peter Simon peering over Jo's right shoulder in the wedding photo. But can you identify the future Dynasty star among the rest of the guests? Let us know in the Comments section below.

And for those wondering if Jo's fourth marriage worked out any better than her first three... sorry. Tony ended up cheating on Jo with Stephanie, who claimed that daughter Wendy was his child. Tony left Jo to be with Stephanie and Wendy. When Wendy's real father showed up, a grief-stricken Tony had a heart attack. He returned to Jo, but a second heart-attack did him in.

Poor Jo was widowed for the fourth time (that's one car accident, two heart attacks and one mad jungle disease, for those keeping score).


supersage21 said...

The only one I remember being on both shows is John James.

AMCHistory said...

Is that Katherine Bellwood who played Dynasty's Kirby and SFT's Liza?

chuck197007 said...


AOL video removed the link to the classic soaps off their main page and I was able to find it through this address,but they removed many episodes for each show. t%3AmostRecent/familyfilter/1/type/standard

AOL isn't discontinuing the P&G classic soaps are they? There have been no new episodes in 2 weeks and many of us are getting a bit worried.
Could you please find out what is going on?

chuck197007 said...

Try this URL....