Monday, December 15, 2008


Guiding Light's Joshua Shayne Lewis was born on-screen in February of 1990. In a rarity for a soap child, Shayne's parents were actually married and in love -- with each other! -- when he was both conceived and delivered.

Soon after however, his mother, Reva, suffering from postpartum depression, drove off a bridge in the Florida Keys and was presumed dead for five years. That's more (soap) like it!

Recently, a grown, battle-weary Shayne has returned to Springfield and formed an unlikely bond with an equally emotionally battered Dinah Marler.

To put the twisted timeline into perspective, exactly a year before Shayne was born, Dinah (then a sweet and innocent ingenue played by future Ninja Turtle heroine Paige Turco) departed for college in Paris with stalwart beau Cameron (a pre-90210 Ian Ziering) by her side.

At the time, it was difficult to imagine that Dinah and Shayne might one day prove to have intriguing romantic potential (I've always been a sucker for the two damaged and cynical souls healing each other story).

But that's the beauty of daytime. Time moves differently here, and pairings that once might have seemed untenable can pleasantly surprise you....


supersage21 said...

Instead of this, how about Shayne and Marina and Mallet and Dinah? The Godfather/Goddaughter story is both boring and unappealing.

Anonymous said...

No. Marina belongs with Cyrus. Shayne isn't anywhere near as bland and boring as RB's Mallet but he and Marina are still cut from the same cloth and come from the same kind of family so they'd still be boring together. Not as boring as M&M but boring nonetheless. Cyrus is the only character who has ever brought out any spark in Marina at all. I didn't see any chemistry between Bruno and Branson either but she still has it with Bartlett and he had instant sparks with Tognoni.

I liked Dinah & Mallet alot and would be fine with them reuniting but if Dinah & Shayne continue to impress me and Mallet continues to be the creepy prick he's been lately, then I'm all for Dinah & Shayne getting together, leaving Marina free to fall in love with Cyrus again. After that, Mallet can leave town for all I care. Derwin was Mallet anyway. Bogue has only worked well with Tognoni. With everyone else, he's a bust.

nell said...

Well here we go again, another mismatched couple. Why the hell Jeff Branson couldn't have been brought back as Alan-Michael is beyond me! At least they would have been in the same age range.
Dinah is 20 years older than Shayne, Ugh, just like Mallet is 30 years older than Marina. I'm so damn tired of being insulted by the idiots that write and produce this crap that I'm through with this show after 40+ years of watching. No wonder GL is about to be cancelled! Not soon enough for me!

wheelswee said...

I think Shayne has been SORAS'd again, but, I think his character is more interesting now. Now as far as Shayne and Marina, I don't care to see a part two. I think the character of Marina was good up until the point when Aubrey Dollar left. Since then, her character has become dull and lifeless. Yes, her relationship with Mallet is not clicking. The only interesting relationship she has had was the one with Cyrus as RoseViolet Daisy pointed out. I would rather see Mallet and Dinah or Shayne and Dinah. Marina should either get back with Cyrus or leave the show.

Rebekah said...

Love Mallet and Marina.

Shayne and Dinah are going to be AWESOME! I can't wait!

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