Friday, December 26, 2008


The Another World episodes currently airing on may be taking place in August of 1991, but Christmas is in the air!

Amanda and Sam argue about the Christmas issue of their magazine, when, in true soap opera style, they are really arguing about the kiss these execs inadvertently shared.

Marley and Jamie plan a Christmas wedding, figuring that after everything they've been through, nothing can stop them now. Yeah, what could go wrong in four months of soap opera time?

In the meantime, everyone wonders who shot Grant -- and whether Rachel's fuzzy memory might hold a clue, Lorna looks fantastic in a sheer black dress, Cass worries about Kathleen's panic attacks while pretending not to have any more feelings for Frankie, and Carl continues to play metaphorical chess with ex-wife Donna, and that pesky cop Ryan.

Check out the Christmas in summertime Bay City action, only on Another World, here!