Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We'll see you then!


Richard said...

Thank you! How wonderful to see Luke and Noah smiling...

And Emily involved with Casey and Ali! That's gonna be good.

Anthony D. Langford said...

I wonder if it's an outtake or something though. If not, they've resolved their issues awfully quickly!

Anthony D. Langford said...

Oh, I meant to add that it's good to see Em. I missed her! Get Casey away from Ali, Em! LOL!

Richard said...

If that's an outtake, Van and Jake sit awfully close together when they don't have to... :P

CasEmzreal said...

It's about freakin' time!!!
NOW, teach your annoying lil sis a lesson and FIGHT FOR YOUR MAN!

nana2holden said...

Finally, Emily's back!
I was so missing her!
I'm really gonna be upset with TPTB if they are just using her to prop up this insane idea of sticking Casey with her lil sis! They've already been there, done that! Why can't they give Casey and Emily a real chance? What are they afraid of...that viewers will like them so much that they will forget all about their favorite pair? Goodness knows, TPTB don't like that couple sharing the spot light with anybody! Well, this is one viewer that wants to see more CasEm. ~TRS

2A said...

Thank you for posting.

Luke and Noah look happy. I hope that's a sign of good things.

I really hope Casey and Alison don't become a couple. ::Snore::

Scarlett Echo said...

Craig looks verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sane compared to Disgusty in that photo.
And in front of Johnny, too.

Methinks Jen feared the wrong man fathering her child.

Donovan is loopy and dangerous.

Go Craig!

Maddie said...

I'm actually starting to not want Dusty to raise Johnny xD
He looks like he's totaly loosing it. He's just as big a nut job as he thinks Paul is. But I think Paul is way saner than him.

LovingLight said...

Thank you for theses very spoiler pîcs.

So Dusty AND Craig (so soon ?)will see the little Johnny !

I can't wait to see Em's reaction about Casey&Ali !! I would love to see Margo's reaction too ...

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