Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Follow the Light into 2009!


RakeshR said...

Thanks for these! So glad Shayne and Dinah destroyed the evidence against Bill.

To everyone: Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday. Remember, don't drink and drive. ;)

supersage21 said...

Pic 1: Can this silly kidnapping story finally be resolved? Please?

Pic 2: Boring. Move on.

Pic 3: Wow! How long has it been since we last saw Buzz/Lillian together?

Pic 4: Maybe Billy is telling Reva Josh is the only one for her and Jeffrey is a lying, woman using pig.

Rebekah said...

Picture two just made me scream with happiness. Baby talk is on it's way I'm POSITIVE. =D

LovingLight said...
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LovingLight said...

Thanks for theses pictures.

I only wish Buzz, Lillian, Reva & Billy get more airtime this year...

Anonymous said...

Poor little Peyton, it's bad enough that her mother is a pathetic cougar and her father a psycho murderer but now her babysitters' are Lurch and his 14 year-old goddaughter/wife, Pippi Longstocking?! Yikes that kid's gonna be even more screwed up than RJ, if that's possible.

I'm thrilled M&M are gonna start talking about having a baby though, that's just gonna bring their nightmarish sham that much closer to FINALLY being over. Marina will become unbearably frustrated by the fact that she foolishly and hastily married a decrepit, sterile old man who can't give her anything she wants in her life. Not love, passion, or a a child of her own and that Cyrus could give her all of them.

Rebekah said...
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