Monday, December 29, 2008


Henry expands his empire by blogging!

As a lifelong observer of and droll commentator re: the human condition, it was obviously merely a matter of time before the public clamored for my thoughts on a host of different, pressing issues of the day.

A fabulously successful novel (all novels are fabulously successful prior to the official release date, that’s the beauty of anticipation) was merely the start of my anticipated media empire. I have been advised by many who much better comprehend such things (TMZ, Daily Koz, Arianna Huffington – the gang) that my next step should be composing a blog to allow my legions of soon to be rabid fans access to my every thought, opinion and quip mere moments after it had flitted through my brain. (Sooner, if said thought, opinion and/or quip flows directly through my fingers, onto the computer keyboard and straight up the WorldWideWeb without making so much as perfunctory visit to my higher cognitive functions. I am told this has been known to happen periodically on the Internet.) They also suggested I Twitter. But as that sounds vaguely… suggestive, I need to check with Vienna first.

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