Friday, December 12, 2008


This past week, in an attempt to take the fans' voices and concerns straight to The Powers That Be of Guiding Light, five of the web's most thoughtful, articulate and passionate soap bloggers were invited on a behind the scenes tour of the show.

Sara Bibel
reports: When I received an e-mail from Guiding Light's publicist, inviting me to visit the show on P&G's dime my first thought was, "Wait, can GL afford this?" My second was, "Wait, GL? Have they ever actually read my blog?" My third was, "Hell yeah!"

Roger Newcomb
summarizes: With all the interesting events of the past two days, I almost feel bad singling out a favorite, but the blogger's conversation with executive producer Ellen Wheeler had to be the highlight. After wrapping up a long day in Peapack, most people would be tired, but Ellen Wheeler spoke to us at length in such a passionate way that you couldn’t help but be moved. I literally had to hold back tears more than once and so did she.

Michael Fairman
concurs: Once to Peapack, we did watch Ellen Wheeler direct some outdoor scenes, out in the fields, with Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) who is truly the off-screen jokester of the show. In the scene, Bill was running through the fields. It turns out, ep/director Ellen Wheeler can actually run faster, as she illustrated for Daniel the set up of the scenes, and the accompanying camera angles. But then, Ellen is a dynamo, running faster, harder, and giving 110% to keep "GL" on the air day after day.

Also chiming in are Patrick Erwin and Matt Purvis.

Several of the bloggers have posted more than one entry about their visit, so make sure you go through and read them all!

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jf said...

Great reading all the bloggers' reports. I especially liked finding out about Grant Aleksander meeting several of the other actors in his on-screen family for the first time, and also liked finding out about how the headwriting works.