Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Your obscure soap reference of the day:

What's more, netbooks are starting to move into the Internet-anywhere territory previously owned by iPhone. Netbooks are now appearing with 3G mobile broadband capabilities built right in, allowing you to settle once and for all, who Casey Peretti was on that "Arrival" episode of Fringe while you're drinking beers with your buds at the local bar. (Hint: As The World Turns.)

The entire article is here. If you understand what it means, please tell me below.

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aprioriguy said...

This was an easter egg that appeared in in Fringe episode 104 - "The Arrival"

Casey Peretti 1962 - 1990 appears on a tombstone. Clearly a reference to ATWT's Dr. Casey Peretti. You can see a screencaps of the tombstone here: