Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So... What is it with this guy and other men's biological children?

Get to the root of Dusty's Daddy issues (my personal theory -- involving Dusty's own adoptive father, here), only on As The World Turns!


schiffeg68 said...

Baby Eliza is just soo adorable. We need pictures of her REAL father holding her though. And I hope Paul gets to be that soon.

laroc said...

That picture of Dusty and Eliza makes me absolutely sick. His actions in trying to keep Paul from even knowing of her birth were so out of line. Get a life man, and leave other men's wives and children alone.

WorldTurner said...

The Dusty.Johnny reunion should be very emotional. That is something I want to see. Dusty should get custody of Johnny!

Angelica said...

Meg's kid is not even cute at all. The casting department usually gets it right in casting infants; however, they sure got it wrong in casting the last 2 infants on this show. Neither Eliza or faux Hallie were remotely cute at all. Isn't it interesting as these 2 spawns produced by Meg & Sofie should have never existed on the show in the first place?

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