Tuesday, December 02, 2008


(Scooby snacks to anyone who figures out which 1970s movie the above is referring to.)

Marcia McCabe made her daytime debut on Search for Tomorrow in 1978 and stayed with the series until its cancellation in 1986.

As intrepid reporter Sunny Adamson, she lost the love of her life to the woman who'd secretly given birth to his child (a pre-DOOL Patsy Pease), as well as, in 1984, suffered through a horrific rape by a co-worker which, in a break from soap tradition, graphically took place in one entire episode, with no intrusions from other storylines and minimal commercial interruptions.

In the SFT episodes currently airing on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel, Sunny is scheming with bad guy Lloyd to keep Lloyd's wife, Liza, away from Hogan, the man Liza truly loves -- and Sunny wants. Check them out here!

Also on SFT, Ms. McCabe met fellow actor Christopher Goutman, who played Marc from 1978 to 1979. They were married in 1985.

After SFT, McCabe went on to play Alicia on OLTL, where she was peripherally involved in the infamous Eterna story (an underground city with huge television monitors just below Llanview!), but her biggest story actually played out after Alicia passed away. Gabrielle (a pre-Guiding Light Fiona Hutchison) switched Alicia's dead newborn with that of Brenda's, hoping to save Alicia's husband, Michael (a pre-GL Dennis Parlato), the agony of losing both his wife and his son (and wanting Michael for herself -- but that's another story for another time).

Finally, McCabe guested on Another World for several episodes in 1995 when she played Bunny Eberhardt, a loan shark and hit-woman hired to off Jake (Tom Eplin). Jake appeared to die in a car crash, but he was really suffering from amnesia -- and thought his name was Bunny Eberhardt! (To watch Jake back when he knew his name was Jake, check out AW on Hulu.com, here.)

On Monday December 8, after a nearly 13 year break, Marcia McCabe returns to daytime to be directed by her husband, now ATWT's Executive Producer, in the role of Carolyn, Brian's ex-wife.

Brian (Laurence Lau) recently married Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard). He also recently kissed his new step-grandson, Luke (Van Hansis).

Luke, naturally, is a bit confused by this development, and so he seeks out Carolyn for some answers.

Will Carolyn give Luke what he needs, or will she just leave him more confused then ever?

Tune into As The World Turns next week to find out!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the preview photos! I'm really looking forward to this conversation so we can get a better understanding of Brian.

Mark said...

Thanks for the Luke/Carolyn spoiler pics.

Unknown said...

"McCabe and Mrs. Miller", starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. (Showing my age, LOL.)

Alina Adams said...

Bravo, Valeria!

Your prize (should you choose to accept it), is you get to request the spoiler picture of your choice, and I will do my best to show it to you in a subsequent post.

Just let us know what you'd like a sneak peek at!

bardougle said...

Boy! Do I remember Sunny Adamson! SFT--when soaps were great! Brings back some wonderful--and no so wonderful--memories. Joann, Stu, Patty...big sigh!

Breath Work said...

Hi Marcia,
It's Lee Clarke Byrd - I taught you to ride in Wallingford. Would love to hear from you. Find me on Facebook.

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