Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As The World Turns' Lucinda walks (well, metaphorically) down the aisle for the sixth time next week.

Previously, she'd been married to:

Jacobo Esteban, a wealthy Montegan who fathered her daughter, Sierra (above as Finn Carter; below as Mary Beth Evans), then tossed a cheating Lucinda out and told Sierra her mother was dead;

Martin Guest, who killed himself after learning about Lily's (above as Lily #2 Martha Byrne; below as Lily #4 Noelle Beck) illegal adoption;

James Walsh, who died of (presumably) natural causes, allowing Lucinda to steal Walsh Enterprises from James' son and providing Lucinda with some very cranky step-grandchildren and psychopath killer step-great-grandson (Ryan Serhant, below, expressing his dissatisfaction with Lucinda);

John Dixon, who divorced Lucinda when he found out she'd tried to drive his son, Duke, out of town (That's John, sons Andy and Duke and Lucinda's daughters Bianca and Lily #3, Heather Rattray, below);

And James Stenbeck, a fling from the past who fooled her into believing David Stenbeck was their long-lost child, then blackmailed Lucinda into marriage and ultimately left her comatose.

And now there's Brian. Good-hearted, decent, open, nothing-to-hide Brian. (He looks just like AMC's Greg Nelson and Another World's Jamie Frame, for Pete's sake!)

Despite her less than stellar track record with men, Lucinda really feels like she can trust him.

After all, in Oakdale, no one is ever anything other than what they seem...


M.E. Grant said...
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Mo said...

Yeah, does she marry him before or after he kisses Luke?