Friday, November 21, 2008


Although most people know him as "John Boy" from the television hit series "The Waltons," actor Richard Thomas has had a long and diverse career. Mr. Thomas, who is 57 years old, was raised in Manhattan by his dance instructor parents (they owned the New York School of Ballet) and made his acting debut playing the son of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1958 in "Sunrise at Campello." Stints on two Hallmark Hall of Fame episodes ("A Christmas Tree" and "Give us Barabas") as well as various television soap operas, like "The Edge of Night," followed.

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Thomas played Ben Jr. on The Edge of Night in 1962. He played a young Tom Hughes on As The World Turns from 1966 to 1967. At the time, Tom's dad, Bob, was dating ex-con Sandy, while Tom's mother, Lisa, was newly back in town after trying her luck in Chicago (i.e. the primetime ATWT spin-off, Our Private World). Tom resented being shuttled back and forth between the two households, and rebelled by acting out against both parents. Eileen Fulton's (Lisa) dominant memory of her young co-star was what a hard time the make-up dpeartment had covering Thomas' soon to be famous mole!

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