Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As every entertainment publication with an internet connection trumpets the news Carson Daly To Be a Dad!, they seem equally stumped as to the identity of the mom.

Right Celebrity laments: I couldn’t find much on Siri Pinter. She’s Dutch, and is currently a writer’s assistant for Last Call with Carson Daly. Prior to holding that position with the show, she was an executive producer’s assistant. She has also worked behind the scenes as an assistant with various TV projects, including Nobody’s Watching, Committed, and Frasier. She appears to have previously had her own blog at, but it has since been removed.

Obviously, the writer got the bulk of his information from this (in my opinion rather tongue in cheek) interview with Siri.

But if the name sounds familiar to soap fans, it's because Siri is the daughter of soap vet Mark Pinter (ex-Brian; ATWT and ex-Grant; Another World, to name just a few of his credits) and the stepdaughter of ATWT vet Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara).

Siri is listed as a friend on her stepmother's Facebook page (along with Grayson McCouch; Dusty and other ATWT cast and crew).

PGP Classic Soaps Blog sends their congratulations to the impending family, and lightly mocks the mainstream media for having such a tough time learning more about her.

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