Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Emmy-nominated Jeff Branson joins the cast of Guiding Light next week as Reva and Josh's globe-trotting son.

First comes the reunion with mom and dad.

Then with former love Marina.

And then...

All hell breaks loose.

You can't miss a moment!


supersage21 said...

So, Shayne is going to be in a wheel chair? I suppose he'll come back as a "mad at the world" child, looking to destroy all semblance of family?

Just bring back Jonathan and get it over with.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it sure looks like Shayne is going to be returning as nothing more than yet another pathetic attempt by Wheeler and Kreizman to recreate what they delusionally believe was the irresistable phenomenon of Jonathan Randall.

I know that Jonathan and his pairing with Tammy had their fans, but the singular focus on him and Jammy along with the constant excusing of his incessant, infantile rage issues, drove away hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Remaking Shayne in Jonathan's image is a huge mistake even though it probably won't be quite as painful as them trying to shove cold-blooded scumbag murderer Grady down our throats as some Jonathan-esque romantic anti-hero for DingbatDaisy.

How long before NuFakeAngryAtTheWorldShayne is toungue kissing DingbagDaisy behind Grady's back and they're pimped to us the incest couple of the new millenium?

Billie said...

Just by looking at the pics...I kind of can't wait to see what happens.