Tuesday, November 04, 2008


In honor of democracy (which our country is not -- it's a Republic; but let's go with it for now), PGP Classic Soaps wants you to vote on what sort of content you prefer to see on this blog:

A) Current show plot spoilers
B) Current show photo spoilers
C) Current show history features
D) Past show history features
E) Where Are They Now?
F) Before They Were Soap Stars
G) Actor Appearances
H) More on As The World Turns
I) More on Guiding LightItalicJ) More on Another World
K) More on The Edge of Night
L) More on Search for Tomorrow
M) More on Texas

Vote early, vote often, and tell us what you'd like to see more (and less) of in the Comments section below!


Miss Mary said...

I love the blog pretty much just the way it is!!! Although I never watched Texas or Another World I don't mind an occasional post from those old shows.

My total preference is to see much more current stuff on ATWT and GL - photos, behind the scenes, where are they now, in the news items, etc.

Thanks for your wonderful blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more on As the World Turns

schiffeg68 said...

I also like the blog the way it is now. It has a nice mix of old and current shows, I would like the emphasis to be on the current show though.

Good Job with the blog.

KP said...

What I DO want to see:

A) current show plot spoilers

B) current show photo spoilers

I) more on Guiding Light

Any current information about Guiding Light and its actors.

What I DON'T want to see:

Please no more articles about storylines and actors from the past - or guest bloggers talking about anything & everything EXCEPT soap operas.

Richard said...

A, B, and H. Thanks!

Matt said...

Definitely more on storyline histories, where are they nows, and background information on older soaps. After all, this blog is titled "PGP Classic Soaps". I'd love to see more on AW, Edge, SFT, and Texas as well as more historical information on ATWT & GL (especially vintage photos). I would also like to see information on older P&G soaps like Somerset, Lovers & Friends/For Richer, For Poorer, The Brighter Day, and such.

Thibaut said...

I want more on Guiding Light !!!!

nancyd said...

I'd love to see more on ATWT!

I'd love to see more photo spoilers! Spoilers are everywhere but you own the photo spoilers, so more please!

More behind the scenes on stories is great as well as how history ties into current story. (When it does) Refresher courses help newer viewers and bring back memories for us long timers lol.

More on the actors, present and past. Love knowing about appearances and other work they are doing. Follow up with photos after the events would be great.

If you have guest bloggers, how about people currently tied to the shows like actors, writers or producers?

I love the information tied specifically to the shows present and past with more emphasis on present. I'm not as interested when it is more generic about soaps or other things.

I enjoy the blog a lot!

Lois said...

Well, I only watch GL, so I guess by default that choice (LOL), but definitely more pictures! :)


Cierra said...

More ATWT & Guiding Light!

Kelly said...

More on Guiding Light!!!

Katie said...

A) Current show plot spoilers
B) Current show photo spoilers
C) Current show history features
H) More on As The World Turns

This is an awesome blog, and I always make it a point to come visit here daily. ATWT is the soap of my choice, so I'm mostly looking for anything that relates to it. I get excited when you post a new photo that I haven't seen before. I love seeing the spoiler photos, candid photos, and the publicity photos.

Elle.x said...

A) Current show plot spoilers
B) Current show photo spoilers
C) Current show history features
H) More on As The World Turns

Maddie said...
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Maddie said...

More As The World Turns =)