Thursday, November 27, 2008


A few photo spoilers to say thanks for watching!

Guiding Light will not air on Thursday, November 27 or Friday, November 28.

See you on Monday!


Rebekah said...


Jennifer is beautiful.

Dinah and Mallet confrontation AND A Cyrus and Marina one?

This M&M fan is devistated!

Anonymous said...

Well, this Dinah & Mallet and Cyrus & Marina fan is THRILLED. I hope GL takes a hint and realizes that this show is in DESPERATE in need of some real romance and the only way to get it is to reunite the show's real couples. Josh & Reva, Phillip & Beth, Frank & Eleni, Mallet & Dinah, Cyrus & Marina, Bill & Lizzie, Billy & Vanessa, etc. Why this show constantly ruins their good couples just to create horrid ones out of the broken pieces is beyond me.

Jeffrey & Reva are insulting and offensive.

Beth & Alan are even worse considering their history.

The never-ending obstacles thrown at Bill & Lizzie before they've had even a week's worth of peace and happiness are pathetic and tiring.

Mallet & Marina are a horrible joke together. They're way too much alike to be interesting, they have no onscreen chemistry whatsoever, and considering that he's her godfather, is twice her age, was married to her aunt, and used to change her diapers when she was a baby, they're pretty nauseating to a lot of us as well.

Come on, give us some real couples. You know you want to.

Rebekah said...

Who the hell cares what's in the past. Mallet and Marina are real romance. If you all would look past the OLD couples that are OVER, you actually might see it.

Cyrus has always looked down upon Marina since his affair with Harley. Always.

To put them back together would be an insult.

Dinah is a screwball. To put a kind, loving man back with a psyco would be an insult.

M&M are together, therefore, they are a real couple.