Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Bill clearly has something on his mind.

Any guesses what? Tell us in the Comments below!


supersage21 said...

Bill: "Wasn't me..."

Bill: "Turn GL off until Grady and Rafe are gone!"

Bill: "I feel like Alan Spaulding."

Bill: "Nothing like looking well after being in a coma for weeks."

Rebekah said...

Bill: "Is that you, Gus?"

Bill: "Mommy?"

christyahrends said...

Bill: "You see, when you are in a coma, your facial hair stops growing."

hotwheels said...

Bill: Why am I in Cedars? These green walls are giving me a headache!

hotwheels said...

Lizzie: The Springfield Police think you are my kidnapper.

Bill: They think I am I tall, skinny guy with an Australian accent? Really?

Lizzie: Really.