Monday, November 03, 2008


When T.R. (Jane Krakowski) first showed up in Henderson she was a homeless teen assumed to be the mother of an abandoned baby girl found at around the same time.

But either Search for Tomorrow's then-writers were particularly good at misdirection or a blatantly telegraphed story got scrapped under a new producing regime, because as it turned out, the found baby, Elana, was not TR's. TR, in fact, was a missing child herself. Soon after the needy girl was adopted by well-to-do Liza Sentell, the truth came out: Teresa Regina Sentell was really Rebecca Kendall, kidnapped as a tot from the even richer Lloyd (now Liza's husband) and the late Estelle Kendall.

Except, you know how it is daytime -- turned out Estelle wasn't really dead.

After several years hiding out in South America and taking Lloyd's money to stay away, Estelle decided to come home and reclaim her lost child.

To be fair to Estelle, she may have been a bitch who abandoned her older sons. But Rebecca/T.R. was taken from her. She didn't dump her (like the others).

So now Estelle is doing her best to reestablish a relationship with T.R. Even if it means kicking Liza to the curb.

Watch the latest AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel episode of Search for Tomorrow, here. And make sure you stay for the last scene between Estelle and Liza, when the first Mrs. Kendall really shows her true colors. Mee-ow!

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