Friday, November 21, 2008


Mark it on your calender, royalphiles!

Thursday, January 22, 2009, the one-time ruling King of San Cristobel (so he seized the throne illegally? So what? No one is perfect) returns to Springfield, apparently healed from his latest set of injuries (little kids push hard!) and ready to set right some Edmund-perceived wrongs.

Ex-wife Cassie may be out of town now, but there's still Edmund's other ex-wife, Beth, to torment. Not to mention Reva, who probably still holds a grudge over that whole tried to kill her and her son -- several times -- thing, and Dinah, whom he drugged -- several times. Then there's Olivia, whom Edmund merely threatened to kill, and Alex, whom he dallied with first at Alan's command, then for fun and eventually ended up blackmailing -- also for fun. So there's plenty to keep Edmund busy. (And that's not even counting the men. Think Edmund is going to let bygones be bygones over Jeffrey's drugging him into a coma? Or Rick helping Jeffrey kidnap his rival? Or Josh for being... Josh?)

David Andrew Macdonald, who has played the dashing, Machiavellian prince on and off since 1999, resumes his signature role in almost exactly two months.

Until then, enjoy our photographic look back at Edmund's past adventures in Springfield. The good, the bad, and the baby-napping...


supersage21 said...

Hopefully no more silly storylines with the crown prince...

Anonymous said...

Oh great, just what GL needs, another lunatic sociopath murderer roaming the empty streets of Hooterville trolling for victims and never paying for anything they do but constantly whining about being punished.

Granted, if GL absolutely insists on having a murderous sociopath as a main character, I'll take Edmund over Grady any day, but why do we need one at all especially since the darkness and depravity of so many characters over the last few years has been a huge bone of contention with fans? Springfield just doesn't work as a town where cold-blooded killers never spend a day in prison, a serial rapist is the District Attorney(an office once held by the likes of Mike Bauer and Ross Marler), and the few people who aren't criminals are self-righteous hypocrites. Plus if this show truly wants to reconnect with it's past, revisiting any portion of San Cristohell is not a good first step.

I know Edmund has alot of fans, but I honestly don't know why. DAM's a very good actor, yes, but the character of Edmund Winslow was a hot mess from Day 1, as was the anything and everything San Cristohell and he and it only degenerated as time went on, becoming more irrational and pathetic by the day.

Even if you love the character, what the heck are they gonna do with him now? What on Earth is a totally insane Machiavellian ex-prince who was always an enormous snob gonna do sitting around Hooterville? Folding laundry? Or becoming partners with ScumbagGrady or PsychoAlan, threatening and hurting people at every turn and always getting away with it because they're supposedly hot and that makes everything they do okay? Yippee! NOT!

And who is he gonna interact with?

His brother and rival, Richard, has been dead for what, six years now?!

His other brother, Alonzo, is dead now too as is his niece/stepdaughter Tammy.

Cassie just left town a month ago and the last time we saw Edmund he was still obsessed with her.

Will, his nephew, is in an insane asylum and will join Cassie & RJ in Hawaii if and when he gets better.

Jonathan, his other nephew, is gone.

Jeffrey may have Richard's face but their rivalry over Cassie was pitiful and she's no longer an issue.

Reva's got a million other things on her plate and Edmund has nothing to hate her for anymore.

It's bad enough that Beth is with control freak Alan but for her to go back to the psychopath who locked her in a cage like an animal or a possession would be even worse, if that's possible. Plus, she already has Alan, Coop, Rick, and soon Phillip to deal with. What are they gonna do, put her in a love-hexagon with Alan, Phillip, Rick, Edmund, and Coop while Doris, Ashlee, Olivia, and Natalia are without relationships and Marina is stuck screwing her own godfather because there's no one else left and they refuse to repair the damage that was done between she and Cyrus?

I guess I have to respect the effort because it seems like somebody somewhere is at least trying to find something that'll give GL some traction and stop the downslide, unlike DOOL which is throwing in the towel completely. But unless the writing improves dramatically and FAST, neither of these returns are gonna amount to a hill of beans. Edmund's return won't cause a blip in the ratings. He came back last year and the story sucked so badly that nobody cared. Phillip's return will give the show a ratings bump but if the writing continues to be vapid and pointless, concentrating on worthless characters like Daisy, Grady, Rafe, and Jeffrey while ignoring the goldmines this show has in Billy, Vanessa, Matt, Dinah, Lillian, Buzz, Alexandra, Cyrus, Clayton, Felicia, Mel, and Rick, that bump will last two weeks. Maybe three.

hotwheels said...

I for one am beyond excited that Edmund is returning! Edmund is a good character if written correctly. The storyline they stuck him in with Michelle's baby which led to the characters exit was sick and not Edmund. The writers also did waste Edmund on his last visit. I am hoping the writing teams they have in place can write something good for him, as well as Grant Aleksander.

Guiding Light is trying. It seems to be getting somewhat better. This show needs a chance and a better budget, so that it can do things right.

jewelu said...

I don't know the purpose of bring Edmund back, I've never liked him, and I doubt his return will make me feel any different. I don't think Phillip's return is going to help much either.At least not for long.
If they really want to do something to help this show, they will break-up the horrible and boring Grandpa,Mallet and his whiney goddaughter,Marina, and put them where they should be, with Dinah and Cyrus. Then lose the rapist Jeffrey, and put Reva back with Josh. Thats just for starters.