Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I know it's a bit corny and obvious but, in honor of the holiday, I couldn't fight the urge to honor As The World Turns' longest-running vets!

Helen Wagner, as Nancy Hughes, is listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the Longest Running Item (Helen finds the phrasing very funny) on Television. She has played the role since the first episode in 1956. Don Hastings assumed the part of Dr. Bob Hughes in 1960. Kathryn Hays originated the character of Kim Sullivan Reynolds in 1972.

Eileen Fulton brought Lisa to Oakdale in 1960. Colleen Zenk Pinter became the fourth Barbara Ryan in 1978.

Marie Masters put her definitive stamp on Susan Burke in 1968, while Kelley Menighan Hensley took over the role of Emily (from, among others, Masters' real-life daughter Jenny Harris) in 1992.

Mother and son Emma and Holden Snyder, as played Kathleen Widdoes and Jon Hensley, both hit town in 1985.

They are Oakdale's longest-married couple. Scott Holmes has been playing Tom Hughes since 1987, while Ellen Dolan was the third Margo in 1990 -- and the fifth in 1994!

Lucinda Walsh moved to Oakdale in 1984. The Emmy award winning Elizabeth Hubbard is pictured here with ATWT Executive Producer Christopher Goutman, who has been in his position since 1999.

Happy Veteran's Day!


Katie said...

LOVE the vets on ATWT! Thanks for the pics!

Oakdalian said...

It would be nice if the love for them in this post translated into action on the actual show. Right now they're just place holders to vaguely remind us of an older generation. Give them real STORIES. I hope the spoilers I've read for Lucinda are a bad joke. Look at Jeanne Cooper on Y&R! She gets front burner plots with character development.

Miss Mary said...

It's so nice to see the ATWT vets get some coverage here since they don't get but a smattering of prop-duty coverage on their show. The words woefully underutilized is the dramatic understatement that characterizes the 10 oldest vets on the show (characters: Bob, Kim, Lisa, Lucinda, Susan, Emma, Barbara, Tom, Margo, & the beloved Nancy). I agree with Oakdalian's statement about Jeannie Cooper! Why can't ATWT utilize their vets like Y&R does - not only Kay, but Victor, Nikki, Jack, etc.)? Get it together ATWT!!!