Monday, November 24, 2008


Montel Williams (Clayton Boudreau) returns to "Guiding Light" this week when the Boudreau clan celebrates Thanksgiving with a family get-together, producing several uncomfortable moments for the youngest Boudreau, Remy (Lawrence Saint-Victor).

"At this dinner, you get to see what it is like for the black sheep to be around all these people," Saint-Victor explains. "You've seen him with his mom, you've seen him with his dad, but you haven't seen him with everybody, and (it shows) how different he is."

Of course, it doesn't help matters that Remy recently got married without telling his family -- not that he had planned to get drunk and wake up the next morning married to Christina (Karla Mosley). His bride adds to his difficulties when she turns up as an uninvited guest during the dinner.

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schiffeg68 said...

LOL, it looks like Remy's father has spotted her wedding ring in that first photo.

supersage21 said...

So, they killed Remy and Ava's baby for this dribble? They actually had a good storyline for Remy with Ava's child. Now, we get to see Remy with someone the audience has no connection to and we have no idea why we should even care.

Spauldingfan said...

Why do the writers think that GL fans want to "spend Thanksgiving" with a group of subordinate characters? Motel is fantastic. Yvonne Wright is excellent as can Lawrence St. Victor, BUT when it comes to these characters I have to ask,"Do you really think the audience cares about Remy and Christine?" We don't know Christine and at this point have no reason to care about her---give us the families we know and care about for the holidays, not the supporting players that you fail to develop time and again.

hotwheels said...

I have to agree with supersage 21. They had a good storyline for Remy with Ava and the birth of Max. Now we get this stuff with Christina? Why? This is such a waste of good actors, getting stuck in a so far lame storyline.

LovingLight said...

Remy and this girl are soooo boring.

No thanks for this Thanksgiving !

whtevr said...

I absolutely loved todays episode(12/01/08); all the way around. Christina with Remy and the rest of the Boudreau clan felt good & wholesome. Completely in love with this couple and very pleased with the direction the show is taking. Jeff Branson as Shayne is genius, Lizzie believing in Bill is a guiding light shining, Coop and Beth with Phillip on the horizon is goosebump-y, even Reva's pregnancy is going to be well played out! And it looks like Daisy is getting a huge CLUE,yay! The only thing that I cannot stand about this show is all the negative swill fans spew. You people really need to stop being such control freaks, let go, ride the wave of someone else's creativity and finally, just stop watching if you don't like it. One last thing, I don't mind the product placement, good way to keep the show going. Fickle fans sure isn't the way.