Monday, December 22, 2008


And you'd better be happy about it!


WorldTurner said...

LOL love the pics! Thanks so much for posting. I think we know who brought those flowers and why she ain't happy lol! I'm not either with this story.

ATWT is so lucky to have Maura! She truly is one of the very best!

Merry Christmas to you too, Maura!

dedicated janet fan said...

Gosh I love that Maura West, she's such and amazing actress. And she; such a beautiful woman. Can't wait to see her on ATWT this week. Thanks for posting!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for these pictures, there's hilarious and Maura looks great. Can't wait to see Carly this week - she's who I always tune in for.

Merry Christmas, Maura, we love you!

Unknown said...

Love the pics, love Maura, I wouldn't even watch ATWT if it wasn't for "Carly".

George said...

Great hairstyle for Maura/Carly! I hope for some fun love for Carly in the new year...Jack keeps having these nice other romances, but Carly's are always burdened by guilt or sadness. Let Carly have some fun with someone other than Jack in '09!

Then the Carjack reunion can get underway.

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