Friday, March 30, 2007


Nola Reardon (Lisa Brown) started off life in Springfield as a teen-age busybody living in her mother's boarding house. Sure, her snooping helped discover that Roger Thorpe was alive and well and pretending to be an old, German professor while plotting to kidnap his toddler daughter, Chrissie (a.k.a. Blake) from her mother, Holly. But, really, did Bea Reardon's boarders need her kid going through their things on a regular basis?

Nola soon moved on from snooping to social climbing. She decided that Dr. Kelly Nelson would be her ticket out of working class life and resolved to win his affections. Who cared that Kelly was smitten with innocent Morgan Richards? Kelly wouldn't be able to ignore the mother of his child, would he?

What a shame Kelly refused to sleep with Nola. Which made the whole getting pregnant in order to trap him into marriage plot a touch more challenging.

But Nola wasn't one to give up easily. Several times, she plied Kelly with alcohol, got him into bed and convinced him they'd had sex. However, since they didn't actually have sex, a pregnancy still proved problematic.

To that end, Nola slept with good-guy Floyd, who'd always had a thing for her, finally got pregnant and passed the baby off as Kelly's.

Nola and Kelly got as far as planning to leave town and get married, before Kelly found out the truth, blasted Nola and dumped her.

Alone (she refused to marry Floyd, even though he offered) and pregnant, Nola got a job working for the mysterious Quint McCord (Michael Tylo). For a girl reared on classic, old movies (Jane Ayre being not the least of them), life in Quint's Gothic mansion proved to be a dream come true for Nola -- literally. She was constantly imagining herself as the heroine in yet another black and white film with Quint, naturally, as the hero.

After the birth of her daughter, Nola went back to her snooping ways, digging up all sorts of secrets Quint would have preferred to stay hidden.

After many adventures connected to Quint's archaeological career (it was the early 1980s and Harrison Ford had just donned his trademark fedora and whip), Quint and Nola fell in love.

They married in June of 1983 and, after the ceremony, Quint surprised his new bride with a hot-air balloon meant to whisk them towards their new life together.

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