Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Oh, Blake, Blake, Blake (Elizabeth Keifer). So vivacious, so troubled, so... slutty.

Granted her DNA is a touch problematic (Mom slept around during her marriage to noble Ed, Dad slept around during his marriage to... everyone). So she was swimming against the genetic tide to begin with.

But marriage to upstanding Ross was supposed to cure Blake of her bad habits.

So how come, when she spied Ross kissing his old flame, Amanda (why do people always flee at first sight of the kiss? Why don't they ever stick around to see what happens next? In Ross and Amanda's case, he sent her on her merry way), did Blake head straight for the nearest bar, then the nearest man -- who happened to be Rick Bauer (for the genealogically inclined, her one time presumed half-brother).

As if cheating on Ross wasn't bad enough, Blake soon found herself pregnant. Like all soap heroines, she wondered who the father was, Ross or Rick? But, in Blake's case, the answer wasn't nearly so simple...

Was Blake getting a shocking answer to her paternity puzzle GL's Greatest Moment? Watch it on now!


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