Friday, March 16, 2007


In 1993, when teen-age Bridget (Melissa Hayden) found herself pregnant by Hart -- who loved someone else, then left town anyway -- she was in quite a jam.

Fortunately, Harley and Frank's mom, Nadine, had a... unique... solution. Desperate for a baby that she believed would strengthen her marriage to Billy, Nadine suggested she pretend to be pregnant, then pass Bridget's child off as her own. Since this is a soap staple that has never, ever backfired on anyone in daytime, Bridget agreed.

Of course, in order for the plan to work, Bridget's pregnancy would have to be hidden. Not to fear, Nadine had another brilliant idea. While she walked around town with a pillow stuffed under her dress, Bridget would pretend to be off on a school trip to Appalachia. In reality, Bridget would really be hidden in Nadine's attic.

Bridget went along with Nadine's scam because she swore she didn't want to have a baby. But, alone in the attic, Bridget let her true feelings for the child she was carrying come out.

Was Bridget singing to her unborn child GL's Greatest Moment ever? Watch it and vote on!

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