Monday, March 26, 2007


Speak of the Grillos... Dinah (Wendy Moniz) thought she and Hart (Frank Grillo) were solid as could be. After all, once you've faked a man's death in order to drive his father/your husband (Roger) crazy, a girl figures that's as good as going steady.

Plus, there was the baby Dinah so tragically miscarried after Hart accidentally hit her in the stomach while opening a door. The one she'd named Laura, after Hart's dead mother. That should keep you together for the long haul. (Who cares if little Laura wasn't really Hart's? Dinah wanted her to be, that's what really matters).

So how, after all they'd been through, could Hart fall for that overly blond pole dancer, Cassie? And how could Cassie be the one to give Hart his first child, a son named Roger Joshua (after the father Dinah and Hart once tried to drive insane). Worst of all, how could Cassie be the one to find out about Laura's fictitious paternity?

It wasn't fair. If Cassie had only listened to Dinah's pleas to keep quiet, Dinah would have never needed to reach for the gun. Or to aim it at Cassie.

And then Hart wouldn't have walked in and gotten in the way of the bullet.

Or died.

But Cassie didn't and Dinah did and so did Hart.

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