Friday, March 02, 2007


As Ghost Tammy (Stephanie Gatschet) says a tearful good-bye to her grieving mother, Cassie, this Friday, we take a pictorial look back at her brief but meaningful life in Springfield.

PHOTO #1: Lizzie and her best "frenemy" (friend/enemy), Lizzie (then-Crystal Hunt).

PHOTO #2: Tammy and first love, Joey (Justin Klosky). Lizzie drugged him to make it look like they'd slept together, then Alan bribed him out of town. By the time Joey returned, Jonathan was the only man on Tammy's mind.

PHOTO #3: Tammy and Sandy (Scott Bailey). She almost married him, then ended up killing him (accidentally). It's okay, he'd lost his mind by then, anyway.

PHOTO #4: Tammy and Jonathan (Tom Pelphrey) all dressed up...

PHOTO #5: And... not.

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