Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Harley Cooper's (Beth Ehlers) mother, Nadine (Jean Carol), abandoned her two young children, Frank and Harley, to pretty much raise themselves (and a wonderful job they did, too; Harley was an unwed mom at 17, and Frank ran a chop shop selling stolen car parts).

Nadine ran off to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune, only to discover that no one was interested in a bottle-blond floozy with no acting ability (this was before reality shows).

As poor and unhappy in California as she had been in Springfield, Nadine saw her chance at the big time when she heard that daughter Harley had wed gazillion-heir Alan-Michael Spaulding. Suddenly, Mama was back in town and Mama wanted her piece of the pie.

Harley and Alan-Michael's marriage didn't last, but Harley and Nadine's slowly rebuilt relationship did.

At least, that is, until a psycho named Brent Lawrence (who clearly identified with Anthony Perkins a bit more than is good for anyone) clobbered Nadine over the head and dumped her body in the Springfield River.

Harley mourned her mother. But then, when Harley got shot in the line of duty, fate gave them another chance....

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