Thursday, March 01, 2007


Despite not being biologically related, Alan Spaulding and his favorite son, Phillip, sure do have similar tastes in women. So, as a matter of fact, do Phillip and his brothers, Alan-Michael and Gus.

Phillip, Alan-Michael and Gus have all been married to Harley Cooper. Alan, Phillip and Alan-Michael have all had relationships with Blake Marler. (Hmm... Guess we know who Gus' next love interest will be...)

And, though Gus and Alan-Michael haven't gotten around to her yet (though Alan-Michael is closer, with his Ava obsession), Phillip and Alan also shared Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell). At roughly the same time.

Which is why Olivia wasn't exactly sure who the father of her unborn baby might be.

Was Olivia learning her daughter's paternity GL's Greatest Moment ever? Watch it on and vote!

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