Thursday, March 22, 2007


Marisa Tomei (ex-Marcy; ATWT) and Cynthia Watros (ex-Annie; GL) team up on CBS's new comedy series, The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud.

Tomei plays a writer, and Watros, her best friend.

While in Oakdale, Tomei's Marcy had quite the rich, inner life herself. First, she fantasized that kindly Dr. Bob was in love with her (this, as you may imagine, did not go over well with Memorial's board of trustees). Later, her fantasies were more benign. Marcy imagined herself to be Cinderella, and ended up being serenaded by Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston in "real" life. Plus, by the time she left the show, Marcy was married to a Prince (well, a British Lord, close enough).

As for Annie Dutton's rich, inner life, it mostly consisted of a loop playing the message, "Must get rid of Reva," over and over again (I'm betting the pills she was hooked on didn't help). Annie was married to Josh and got herself artificially inseminated to hold on to him. Then, when she miscarried, Annie kept walking around with the dead fetus inside until she could frame Reva for pushing her down the stairs and killing the baby. When that didn't keep Josh and Reva apart for long (what ever does, really?), Annie took Reva up on a pilotless airplane... and left her there (Annie jumped out using the only parachute -- the nutty nurse was a lot of things, but a scaredy-cat wasn't one of them). For all her Wile E. Coyote efforts, Watros won the Daytime Emmy.

Since then, she's appeared on Titus, The Drew Carey Show, and Lost, among others. Will she and the former Marcy Thompson of Oakdale bring CBS's comedy line-up to rich, inner life?

Tune in and see!

(Pictured above: Watros with Ron Raines as Alan, and Tomei with Christian LeBlanc as Kirk)

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