Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Danny (Paul Anthony Stewart) and Michelle (Joie Lenz) knew they were destined to be together.

Sure, their first marriage was one of convenience -- Michelle had accidentally killed Danny's brother, Mick, and his Mafia Mama, Carmen, wanted revenge. Danny married Michelle to protect her. He secretly loved his new bride. She still longed for her old flame, Jesse.

Their second wedding was a religious ceremony, staged to convinced Carmen that the first had been genuine.

Wanting out, Michelle worked with the FBI to bring down the Santoses and return to Jesse. Carmen suspected as much and forced Danny to try and trap his wife into revealing her agenda. Danny thought Michelle had betrayed him, then learned that Carmen had actually set them both up. Danny and Michelle split, though each was now in love with the other, and Danny had the marriage annulled, convinced that Michelle wanted to turn him into someone he wasn't. (I.e. a law abiding citizen not so attatched to his murderous mother).

Despite the annulment, Danny and Michelle couldn't seem to stay away from each other. Michelle's brother, Rick, horrified that his little sister might end up married to the mob again, had her committed! Danny freed Michelle from the hospital and challenged Rick to stand in their way. Rick backed down and the pair prepared to marry for the third (but not last) time.

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