Wednesday, March 14, 2007


1994 wasn't a very good year for Vanessa. Husband Billy went to prison for shooting Roger, and Vanessa lost custody of adopted son, Peter, to his biological mother, Bridget.

Vanessa went away to Shelter Island, hoping to have some quiet time to think. What she found was a mysterious young man named Matt, who rescued her from a poker game gone bad, then stowed away on her boat, where he charmed her with a monologue guessing the details of her life story. (When a similar scene happened to Woody Allen and Carol Kane in Annie Hall, Carol replied, "Thank you. I love hearing my life reduced to a cultural cliche." Here, Vanessa found it mesmerizing).

Vanessa and Matt's boat capsized, and they swam to shore, ending up spending the night and making love in a cave.

Was Vanessa and Matt on Shelter Island GL's Greatest Moment ever? View it on and let us know!

And if you'd like to check in with the happy couple almost thirteen years later, tune in to GL this week!

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