Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Maybe it's just a flashback to the creepy Teddy Ruxpin doll he had as a child but, next week on As The World Turns, Paul has a disturbing image of little Ethan Snyder... and a dangerous toy bear.

Paul takes drastic measures to protect the baby, which infuriates Lily and sticks Faith in the middle.

Will the Snyders heed Paul's warnings? Tune into ATWT and find out!


Puertora said...

Wow, a toy bear? I'm thinking that it could be that Paul does not know how to interpret his vision quite right yet, so what he see as a bear is in reality something more sinister. It could represent a feeling Paul had around the bear that reflects the danger to Ethan.

Lily not liking what Paul does.... well I can only guess is how Paul does it...

I do like that the kids are again defending Paul... Paul sure needs all the love he can get. I guess being a hero is not always an easy thing. :)

Roger Howarth is doing an awesome job, I love his interaction with the kids. I am enjoying his "gift".


HeleneCDN said...

I love the stories involving Paul's visions.
Paul is forced to make peace with his pass and face his true feelings.
I enjoy very much the interaction between Paul and Parker and Faith.

I wish that very soon someone will stand by his side...maybe his Mother? or Jack? or Meg? Paul tries so hard to help everyone, he deserves a little recognition.

Paul is my HERO