Monday, March 05, 2007


When Duncan McKechnie's sister, Beatrice (Ashley Crow), came to Oakdale in 1986, she was still mourning the death of her fiancee to such an extent that she mistook Brian McCall (Grant Pinter, Collen Zenk Pinter, a.k.a. Barbara Ryan's real life husband) for the dead man.

Trying to be kind, Brian went along with her delusions until Beatrice fell in love with Brian himself (a minor problem loomed as he was engaged to Duncan's ex-wife, Shannon, but that soon resolved itself when Shannon realized Brian loved Beatrice back and stepped aside).

Before she and Brian wed, Beatrice got another shock when she learned that Duncan wasn't really her brother but, in fact, her father. Beatrice forgave Duncan his lies, married Brian and both left town.

So where is actress Ashley Crow now? Why part of another family full of secrets, on the hit NBC drama, Heroes. Read all about it, here!

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