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To summarize the twists and turns that Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) and Harley's (Beth Ehlers) path took to the altar would take more bandwidth than even Google has at its disposal.

So, instead of us telling you, we want you to tell us: What were some of your favorite moments from Gus and Harley's relationship?

And if you think that their wedding was GL's Greatest Moment ever, click here to vote for it on!


Kate said...

There are so many moments to remember, but I'll narrow it down...

My favorite moment is when they first got engaged back in 2003. Gus proposed out of the blue at their old house; it was pretty romantic. Harley thought he was going to break up with her, but he pulled out a ring and got down on one knee. The last thing he said was, "Will you marry me? And will you do me the very great honor of being my wife?" Of course she said 'yes' multiple times. She pulled him up, and they kissed and hugged. I cried happy tears. The proposal was the end of the episode - such a perfect ending. And such a happy time for them and for their fans.

parisgal3 said...

Most of my favorite GusH moments, besides the proposal(s) and wedding, come from early in their relationship. Their first date when the lasagna exploded, their trip to PA where everything and anything went wrong from the car to the fire in the hotel room - we got some really great moments while they were in jail (a result of some really great moment in the car earlier!).

fitz said...

In addition to the beautiful and romantic wedding of Gus and Harley, I need to add the trip to Pennsylvania. It was marvelous from start (Harley called Gus) to finish (the jail). It had everything I love about this couple - it was funny, endearing, serious and extremely romantic, and that's when I knew with certainty that this couple would be great and would keep me glued to GL.

JosieKatz said...

There are so many wonderful Gus and Harley moments over the years! Let's see - the road trip to Pennsylvania, dancing on serial killer highway, Gus giving Harley the magic eight ball, Harley helping Gus put aside his vendetta, the training ring, Gus writing the message in the bottle, the fabulous wedding with the most romantic vows and, of course, the love scene to end all love scenes (a/k/a the Wallbanger). Gus and Harley are wonderful and Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin are fantastic actors.

sew said...

There are so many moments about GusH to love, from first date including exploding lasagna to their proposals and wedding and many in between, but one of my alltime favorites took place at the Bauer Cabin. Gus was still hanging on to his Santos vandetta and thinking he could have both it and Harley, and Harley said she couldn't live that way. He brought her a little yellow flower and said to hang in there with him even if he wasn't smelling like a rose. It made me cry then and still does everytime I watch it.

AnnieG said...

There are so many favorite moments, but two that are memorable to me were the detox scenes at the cabin in 2006 and the trip to PA back in 2002. The detox scenes from last year still make me cry, and I loved watching Gus and Harley really come to terms with how they felt about each other while on the trip to PA.

Debbie said...

Do you have time to read a tome? Too many wonderful Harley and Gus moments but one of my favorites is the very first kiss at Company on Valentines day in 2002; the "playing with fire" scenes when Gus persuades Harley to work with him; the Bauer cabin scenes; the trip to PA; the first date; their first major break-up and reunion; the "nothing can touch this" scene in the elevator just before the verdict at Harley's trial; last year when Harley found Gus again and then later when Gus detoxed at the cabin; last year's Valentines day fantasy scenes, etc. I could go on and on but just about every moment with GusH is special. Fans of this couple are the luckiest ones around!

Ronnie said...

There are so many favorite Gush momemts and so many little jewels that continue with this chemistry charged couple. But one of my all time favorites was when Harley had just given birth to Jude outside of Comany. She was leaving and Gus whispered to himself, "Just turn around if you care about me". (paraphrasing here) And she looked at him out of the corner of eye. Magic!

BEhlersfan said...

I have loved Gus and Harley from the very beginning. It's extremely difficult to pick just one moment from their relationship to say was a favorite. They are always excellent together. However, I loved seeing them interact with baby Sydney, along with their boys. I loved seeing the 5 or them make a family. This is the kind of relationships that made me love daytime since childhood and something GL is sorely missing.

Rebecca said...

It's extremely challenging to narrow down my favorite GusH moments, because basically every time they are onscreen together, is a favorite moment for me.

A lot of my favorites, are actually from before GusH even became a couple, because it was obvious that they were destined to be together.

One of my absolute favorites even though it wasn't specifically GusH together, was Gus's confession to the chief, about his true feelings of love for Harley. There was just something so emotionally honest about that moment and about what Gus said, and it was made even sweeter, by Harley standing outside, hearing the conversation. The look of shock and happiness on her face, made it so clear that Gus's words, were ones she had been wanting to hear.

Another one of my favorite vintage GusH moments, was their first date in Gus's hotel room, complete with exploding lasagna, and Harley meeting Mona for the first time. I still laugh just thinking about the exploding lasagna, and Gus introducing Harley to Mona, his blowup doll used in the carpool lane lol One moment that sticks out for me specifically, is when Gus is all upset about how the date is going, after the lasagna exploded, and Harley lifts his chin up with her finger, and kisses him. Nothing had to be said, because at that moment, Harley was telling him through the kiss, that she not only loved the effort he put into making the date special, but that she loved him.

The trip to PA to investigate Tory Grainger's death, was another great time for GusH. First there was the hotel room fire, after Gus threw his shirt in the fireplace as he and Harley were kissing on the bed. Then, there were the great moments after their car died, and while they were waiting for help, GusH danced on Serial Killer Highway. I love when Gus asked Harley if she wanted to learn how to dance, she said that she knew how and he said "not with me, you don't." The dance was such a simple and sweet moment.

The Bauer cabin scenes are amongst my absolute favorites. GusH having a snowball fight, was cute, but it was the more emotional moments that really stick with me, when thinking about that time. This was before Gus dropped the Ssntos vendetta, and while Harley really wanted to take a chance and follow her heart, she was afraid that she wouldn't be more or as important to Gus, as his need for revenge was. The little yellow flower growing in the snow scene, was such a poignant moment, where Gus asked Harley to stick with him, even when he wasn't smelling like a rose (or something along those lines), and it was so obvious how much they both just wanted to forget about what their heads were telling them, and follow their hearts.

When Gus finally dropped the vendetta against the Santos family, it was such a uge step for him in general, but especially for GusH together. It was at that moment, when Gus realized that he had more going for him without the hate, than he did holding onto it. I loved seeing him all vulnerable, after Harley told him that he still had her, when he asked what he had, if he didn't have the hate for the Santos family.

The first time GusH said the "L word," was an extremely important milestone in their relationship. It was a uge step for both, as Gus had never felt this kind of love before, and Harley had been afraid of getting hurt again. The scene itself was vintage GusH humor, mixed with the raw and real emotions of their true feelings, finally coming to the surface.

The Valentine's Day following Phillip's death, was an important one for them. They were broken up at the time, but Gus was Harley's lawyer, amd they were at the courthouse. They ran into a couple who were getting married, and ended up being witnesses in the ceremony. In true and wonderful soap fashion, the soon to be married couple's problem was similar to the one GusH were facing, with truths being witheld by one party, in order to do what they thought was protecting the people they love. While the couple was getting married, GusH were living through them, by having their own meaningful recommittment ceremony, in which Harley forgave Gus, for the wine cellar moment.

One momen that kills me just writing about it, was the "nothing can touch this," courthouse elevator scene. Gus was telling Harley that no matter what the verdict was, nothing would ever change between them, and that he'd wait for her to be free. When he says "you just need to know, nothing can touch this," and points to himself and then to Harley, and she says "My Gus," before wrapping her arms around him, and kissing him, I fell and still fall in love with GusH all over again.

All of their love scenes are my favorite moments for obvious reasons. There is just so much passion, love and beauty in every one of their love scenes. Standout ones being the wallbanger, the 16 second Beacon suite love scene and the "There You Are," love scene after Harley rescued Gus from the asylum, and they made love in their then unfinished house.

While it was extremely tough to watch because it seemed so real, the detox was an extremely powerful time for Gus and GusH as a couple. It was the definition of the power of love, as Harley saw Gus through "24 hours plus," of detox. Harley's love and strength saw him through, and it was compelling to watch.

After the three months of Harlet horror, I loved when Harley rescued Gus from the asylum. Seeing them together again after so long, it was almost like I was intruding on a private moment, as they first saw each other. The missing piece to the show's puzzle, came together, at the same time as the missing piece of Gus and Harley came together. The reunion was a mixture of hesitation, relief, passion and overall, deep and unwavering love.

There are so many more moments that I consider to be my favorites with GusH, but these stand out in my mind, the most right now.

Now&Then said...

Wow, this is a chore, narrowing down my favorite moments with Gus and Harley into something short and sweet.

I suppose that my favorite moment(s) with this amazing couple was during the week centered around Harley getting shot. The love that these two share is palpable, almost a living and breathing thing. Gus' devastation at the thought of losing Harley and Harley's determination to fight her way back to Gus were absolutely heartwrenching and yet beautiful to watch!

The word "chemistry" is oftem overused when describing soap couples, but in my opinion, if you really want to know what "chemistry" is, just take one look at Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers when they are together, on-screen or off-screen, these two simply personify the word. In other words, if you look up the word "chemistry" in the dictionary, you should see a picture of Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers as Gus and Harley!

Kim said...

I must say that every time that Gus and Harley were on the screen were my favorite moments. But if I had to narrow it down I must say that the detox scenes showed the true love and devotion that Harley had foe Gus. She was determined to stand by him no matter how hard or impossible things seemed. Also, after the motorcycle accident that left Gus barely hanging on and he had those goodbye scenes with Natalia and then with Harley. When he was talking to Natalia you could see he always cared for her, but with Harley you knew it was a love that would stand the test of time and he held on just long enough to tell her she would always be the love of his life and he was hers. Oh how I cried. I cried as if I were losing my own loved one. I guess in a way I was. I believe they were a super couple destined to go down in true love history.