Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Though Ann Shepard originated the role of Bertha "Bert" Miller Bauer on the radio, from 1950 to 1984, the part belonged inimitably to actress Charita Bauer.

She played her on the radio, she played her on television, she even asked that Bert's son, Michael, be named after Charita's own son, to make things easier.

When she died, there wasn't even a thought of recasting. Charita was Bert, Bert was Charita, and the GL audience needed a chance to mourn both.

Was Bert's passing GL's Greatest Moment ever? View it on And, btw, if you're wondering, that's Richard Van Vleet as Ed (in between his AMC Chuck stints), Ellen Dolan as Maureen (before she was ATWT's Margo) and John Bolger as the only adult Phillip who wasn't Grant Aleksander (long before he was GH's Mayor).

(Above: a young Charita with Theo Goetz, a.k.a. Frederick "Papa" Bauer, Rick's great-grandfather and namesake).

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