Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Holly and Blake always had a complicated relationship. After you're started your daughter's life off with a lie about her paternity, it's hard to form an honest bond, especially if, like Holly, every time you looked at little Christina (Blake was a middle name she employed later) you saw her real father, Roger. Things didn't get any easier for Holly when, a few years after Blake was born, Roger raped his wife.

Holly and Blake moved to Europe, where Holly refused to even speak Roger's name to her daughter, but his ghostly presence remained the elephant in the living room that strained the women's relationship to the point where Holly blurted out that she'd never loved her daughter, that Blake's prickly personality made such a thing impossible.

Relations between the two grew so hostile that Blake decided to up and seduce Ross, the man her mother loved -- merely for the pleasure of sticking it to Holly.

Though Blake and Ross launched on a secret affair, Holly, naturally found out about it.

Was Holly walking in on Blake and Ross in bed GL's Greatest Moment ever? View it at CBS.com and vote now!

P.S. Yes, that is a pre-E.R. Sherry Stringfield as the second (adult) Blake.

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