Thursday, March 29, 2007


Guiding Light broadcast its first, full color half hour episode on Monday, March 13, 1967. (It had experimented with a single, color episode back in 1953, but the show turned out to be a bit different from what CBS had in mind. The network chose their crown jewel, GL, to be the very first daytime drama ever shown in color. But creator Irna Phillips, who ruled with an iron fist and absolutely hated to be told what to do or to lose control of her product, wrote an entire episode to take place in a hospital room full of white walls, white sheets and white uniforms. CBS wasn't amused. Search for Tomorrow and Love of Life went on to air periodic color episodes, but GL wouldn't make the transition for another 14 years!)

Since viewers needed to be eased into the change, GL began announcing the upcoming innovation prior to its actually taking place. Visit the site for a clip from the last days of black and white.

As an added bonus, see Charita Bauer (Bert) in her prime, as well as Rick's rarely referred to mother, Leslie (Lynne Adams).


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