Friday, March 09, 2007


After years of putting up with physical and emotional abuse from her husband, Bradley, Lillian's (Tina Sloan) life had finally calmed down to the point where her biggest concerns were the problems of her daughter, Beth, and not her own.

But that all changed with a single diagnosis: breast cancer.

Lillian's life flipped upside down... and landed her in Ed's (Peter Simon) arms.

Was Lillian receiving news of her life-threatening condition GL's Greatest Moment ever? View it at and let us know!

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barbararyan said...

Off topic to this, but I was wondering if Texas has been cancelled on the PGP Soap Channel. It's the only soap I'm following and for months you've been stuck at episode #52.

I hope the show is just taking a break. Any idea when the episodes will come regularly again?