Monday, February 12, 2007


In May of 1984, Nola Reardon Chamberlain (Lisa Brown) gave birth to a son -- and didn't know what to name him.

Naming babies had always been a problem for Nola. (Apparently, it was genetic; her mother, Bea, also agonized whether to name her daughter Nora or Nola before going with the less conventional choice).

Nola's first child, a daughter, was initially named Kelly Louise, after Kelly Nelson, the man Nola tried to con into believing he was the father. Once Nola got over her obsession with Kelly, she changed the little girl's name to Anastasia, after a favorite Ingrid Bergman movie, obviously unconcerned about any identity crisis this might cause for the tyke. Anastasia was then shortened to Stacey.

With her son, Nola narrowed the choices down to three names: Quinton Jr. after his father (this time, Nola identified the right man from the start, she was even married to him -- a rarity in the soap world), Thomas Henry (after her father and Quint's; she probably could have reversed the order, but then he'd be the kid from E.T.) and Anthony James (after two of Nola's brothers).

To help settle the matter, Nola spun a Technicolor Wizard of Oz fantasy, with herself as Dorothy, going to the wizard (also Nola) for a name. The final choice, however, was up to GL's viewers, who voted by phone to name the baby. (Late last year, DOOL put out a press release trumpeting a viewer poll to name Bo and Hope's baby as a history making interactive first. Uh-ha).

Guiding Light fans chose to name Nola and Quint's son Anthony James. In another soap staple, the tot was promptly dubbed A.J.

In 1996, when a now teen A.J. returned to Springfield from where he'd been living with his parents off-camera, he'd lost an entire initial and was now simply referred to as J, proving, once again, that consistency in naming was not Nola's forte. (In a fun fact, Lisa Brown's real-life son is named James Anthony, but he's always been called Buddy... life, as they say, does imitate art).

Was Nola's Wizard of Oz fantasy GL's Greatest Moment? Tune into and vote!

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